Letting the Boss Suck Her Huge Natural Breasts

huge natural breasts“I think that you should allow your boss to suck your huge natural breasts, sweetheart,” I said. We were dining at our favorite steakhouse and I had just finished fingerfucking her under the table. “Just don’t give him a heart attack.”

“You really are a kind man, Scott,” Claire said. “However, if he sucks my tits, I might end up allowing him to fingerfuck me. You know how randy I can be when you suck my boobies. I just might beg him to fuck me.”

“That’s alright with me, Claire. He’s an old man – he needs to fuck with a young woman sometimes. Your huge natural breasts would surely feel wonderful on his mouth,” I said.

“Alright, sweetheart,” she said. “I’ll do that tomorrow. We’d be doing overtime tomorrow to accommodate additional work and to make our year end report. I think I could make him feel nice.”

huge natural breastsThe following day, she did exactly what I told her. She allowed her boss to lick her huge natural breasts. This is what happened:

They were finished with the report. As they were printing the 200-page comprehensive report, they began to talk about girls having intercourse. Her boss said that he had fun fucking her panties and that he would often sleep with the panties beside him. He had already washed it a couple of times so her scent wasn’t on it anymore. Still, he carries it with him most of the time. In fact, he has it in his trouser’s pockets.

She then told him that if he wants to have her scent on the panties again, all he has to do is ask. So, he did just that. My sexy girl then took her blouse and bras off. She guided his hands to her breasts and told him that he could kiss those perfect globes. She pulled her panties down and gave it to him, exchanging them with the one he had in his pockets.

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